We welcome people of all interests who have a healthy sense of humor, a willingness to learn and an abundance of love and patience.
Volunteers are the mainstay of our program. We are a 100% volunteer program. We welcome professionals and people who simply love children and horses to come to help. NO previous experience is required. We have plenty of work regardless of your skills or interest areas!
AT CMSR we have developed a CMSR WAY of doing things that best meets the needs of our children and provides the greatest level of safety for our children, horses and volunteers.  Therefore, at CMSR EVERYONE follows the CMSR WAY. 
  • Volunteers are trained to lead horses and side walk, to assist youth with balance and support. 
  • Volunteers do horse care, equipment maintenance, and barn/stall care. 
  • Volunteers assist with preparing food and barbecuing Saturday lunches and do clean up. 
  • Volunteers sweep out toddler play area, kitchen, ramps, and rake and maintain all play areas as well as all horse and program areas. 
  • Volunteers help with arts and crafts, activities, parties, special event days. 
  • We ask for a minimum time commitment of 4 hours each week. 
  • Every volunteer must complete training. 
THE RIDING STARS -  supported by the Nancy Buck Ransom  Foundation
The Riding Stars is a youth volunteer and leadership development project within CMSR. The Stars both support the CMSR program and participate in their own Stars activities. Stars activities are directed toward increasing leadership skills.  Youth are selected into The Riding Stars program. Stars opportunities include vocational and college mentoring, horse and horsemanship  education,  summer camp, assisting vet and farrier,  marketing projects, management, program and board experiences.
Stars 1. gain a greater understanding of how special needs impact the entire family system 2. gain a greater understanding of inclusion vs exclusion as a community lifestyle 3. develop skills needed to be a leader in their communities
  • Must be 13 at time of application, 14 for full participation in all activities.
  • Teens  participate at either or both Marina and Chualar program locations.
  • Applicants may apply after volunteering at least 4 times at a minimum of 4 hours each at either Chualar or Marina
  • Applicants must be willing to participate on a regular basis in the CMSR program
  • Applicants must comply with the EXPECTATIONS: see  form Expectations at FORMS portion of website. 
  • Stars who participate on a consistent basis and meet expectations are invited to participate in  riding lessons and riding time on CMSR horses at no cost,  horse training and horse exercising for CMSR, and are invited to special Riding Star outings, conferences, and special projects.


THE CHILDREN ... come first. No matter what you are working on, when children arrive, stop and respond immediately. 

SAFETY...Safety...Safety...Safety !!! Each and every person at Star Riders is responsible for keeping our children safe. Thinking safety at all times is the Number 1 issue at all times. 

DIGNITY...RESPECT... CONFIDENTIALITY:  We are committed to protecting our children and their family*s personal information, health issues and business. These are never discussed outside the therapeutic setting with individuals not involved in client care. We also establish emotional safety by always honoring each individual*s dignity, uniqueness, and right to be treated with respect and good humor. This standard applies to clients, their families, visitors, and fellow workers - both he two and four legged kind. 

TRAINING:  All volunteers  learn "the Star Rider Way" through ongoing training. New volunteers work on teams of more experienced volunteers. Certified instructors provide trainings on specific parts of the program.  What is MOST important is to iisten to the CMSR philosophy, the CMSR process, the CMSR way of working with children, the CMSR way of doing everything done at CMSR. When we all do it the same way, kids win.   

To Volunteer:

1. Please fill out this form to be added to our emailing list. Email Signup Form
2. Go to "forms" , download and fill out Volunteer form  AND Expectations forms- - read and sign - bring with you on your first day
3.  Call Linda at 831-646-1941 to arrange a start date and training time. 
4.  Reminder:  ON assigned starting date bring signed forms.
5.  Come prepared to work in and around horses: WEAR JEANS AND TEE SHIRTS. Have layers to add if weather changes. Wear appropriate shoes for walking in deep sand and stall muck.  NO FlipFlops. No short shorts. No low cut tees or tops. No tees with language inappropriate for young children. Volunteers not appropriately dressed cannot participate. 
6.  NO cell phone use is allowed ever in arena or  in stalls or when grooming horses or leading horses.Cell phones must be on vibrate in all parts of program area. Any call made or accepted must occur at least 30 yards from any horse. 
7. Bring your smile.