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Faith and Lane's Story

posted Jul 9, 2010, 7:41 PM by Bill G Fitler   [ updated Jul 9, 2010, 8:13 PM ]

Magic Taking on Reality

About a year ago last summer, Theresa and Brian Newbold took their children to Christine Marie’s Star Riders. Faith and Lane had both been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which means they missed developmental milestones such as crawling or tumbling. Lane was born 31 weeks premature, and Faith had hydrocephalus, which is increased fluid on the brain. Medically, neither of these children should be smiling, happy, walking children right now. If you go to the equestrian center, then that is exactly what you will see.

After Faith’s OT suggested Star Riders, Theresa and her children met with some of the workers. Once the paperwork was filled out, Theresa started taking the children once a week. Within a month, Lane had started walking. “This program is magical,” Theresa said.

Besides Lane walking, there were other benefits, more pronounced in Faith. She had greater trunk control, greater self-confidence, and she started to come into herself both physically and as a young lady ready to enter the world. Faith also found a friend at Star Riders, by name of Katie.

Faith loves all of the horses. She usually asks for Dolly, Star, or Gunner. Her favorite game is “Red Light, Green Light,” which is exactly like the game played in gyms or scouts except on horses. When I was walking her, she kept asking to go a little longer. When I asked her how it felt to be on Gunner, she said “it feels good.”

I asked Theresa why she kept coming back, besides the overwhelming positive results for her children. Her answer assured me that she had complete heart and faith in Star Riders, to the point where you couldn’t help but come back. Faith is 4 years old now, and Lane is 2. Miracles and magic still happen, if you know where to look. Faith and Lane’s grandmother was also extremely involved in this program. You may have heard the story already. A lady affiliated with the program was on a plane. The person she was sitting next to happened to be a representative for an equine association in Las Vegas. Faith and Lane’s grandmother was the one that talked to the lady on the plane and managed to procure the funds for a badly needed ramp. A warm and heartfelt thanks for that.

Interviewee: Theresa Newbold

Written by Cheryl Karoly